Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cliteracy - Instillation/Street Art/ A MOVEMENT

This Article  is AMAZING...the coolest thing that I have seen in a long time. Please people find the clit love it and get literate Cliteracy!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Death Art Can Make You Sick Or Healthy / The Great Contemporary Artist & Art Healing Movement

Artist and Oriental medical doctor, Jon Tsoi believe that art can heal. I have always been a strong believer of this. He feels that certain color can heal certain parts of the body for example, blue  is good and can heal the human liver,  yellow is great of the digestive system, white good for lungs, red increase blood flow and can heal the heart, while the color of black is very good for the  kidney. Art can also heal depression he feels that art can make one evil also. This blog is my first time ever hearing about Mr. Tsoi but I will continue to conduct research on him.

Torrence Hill on Sargam Griffin (artist)

I like Sargam Griffin because creating art gives her peace and she knows this is what she was meant to do. Her style is a mixture of oil based paints and she has a passion for great depths, she feels her paintings are complete when they are independent of her. I feel the same way about my work of art. Art is a means in which we can communicate, art is inspirational.

Hirt’s: Shark & Goat anatomy

It is something we all must face as humans, and the art work of Hirst's makes his viewers realize this. Hirt’s uses a shark anatomy to make his audience face this. I feel that this art work is smart and clever. Nothing is going to stop death. It is something that all God’s creations must face. The artist goes further and uses other animals such as goats. The aesthetics and medium he used to create this work of art is mind blowing. I am a huge fan of this artist and he was also an artist on our final.

Heroes and Monsters Exhibit

The Heroes and Monsters Exhibit at the Brigham Young University or BYU Museum of art focus on the mythology of the hero’s journey. This type of story can be found in Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. This is an exhibit I would to see one day because my own art work also focus the mythology of the hero’s journey.

Optical Illusion

Everyone I was browsing the web looking up optical illusion art, you all have to check this work of art out and tell me what you guys think. At first I thought this was a graffiti artist. His style, technique, and even the medium used are so different. There is a person on youtube who stated that this is not an optical illusion but only perspective/atmospheric perspective manipulation. He and I have been going at one another about this work of art. Please tell me what you all think of this..

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Behind the Rhetoric: The Real Iran | BBC Documentary

Although this blog is supposed to be about contemporary art but I liked to take the opportunity and share with you some insides about Iran.
During our quarter we all discussed many different subjects and I have been asked by many of my wonderful classmates if Iran is what they see in the news or not. It's hard to explain what Iran is but I found a documentary done by BBC in Tehran that touches so many different level of the society. It does show the Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It's about an hour long but I tried to mark some sort of Index if you don't want to watch the whole thing.
It starts showing an overall image of Tehran.
00: 22: Young population and Music producer.
00: 26: Government supported anti US demonstration
00: 29: Uptown malls - Westernizes
00:48: Women's rolles in the society
1: 19: Government supported demonstrations
1:20: NO freedom of expression in publication

It's an overall truth. It didn't cover much about the wealthy part of Iran but in general was very accurate in the area that it covered.

Behind the Rhetoric: The Real Iran | BBC Documentary

Yarn bombing

Although I'm not sure who is responsible for this I find this simply darling. Yarn bombing or yarn graffiti is a different take on street art. It even makes something as deadly as a tank look soft. And the trees just scream come play with me. First traces of yarn bombing emerged in 2004 in the netherlands; and about a year later came to America. Texan knitter would use their leftover pieces and combine them to make these giant cozies.

Glass Beach

I saw an interesting post on Facebook about a glass beach in California and had to research it. Apparently there use to be a public dump in northern California where people use to discard all of their garbage off a cliff into the ocean. The government attempted to reduce the compiling amount of waste by setting fire to it. Unfortunately this didn't completely eliminate the problem so the state of California closed off the site to the public in 1967. Over several decades the water washed away a lot of the remaining refuse while cleaning and smoothing the small amounts of glass and ceramics. Noticing this change the private owner of the property decided to open it to the public. So with the help of several government agencies the site was converted to a beach. Learning about this project made me think of Environmental Works, the concept that time and the elements influence the art.

I Would Still Eat It - Edible Arrangements

You eat with your eyes first! Wait! It is porcelain and clay. Anna Barlow created a visually edible art exhibition that explores the humanistic desire to eat. She says "The beauty of food left to melt and ooze holds a fascination for me. It is something that is usually over looked and temporary but this can be captured and frozen in time with clay and glaze.”

Hebru Brantley

Early on in June of this summer Hebru Brantley a Chicago native held an exhibition her in Atlanta. A lot of his artwork is very comical. He draws his inspiration from japanese anime, street artists such as Keith Haring and Basquit, comic book heroes and many pop culture icons. I love his use of color and his attention to detail in some of his pieces. Even though he didn't really look approachable hes a really nice guy! More artwork here

Somebody You Should Know - Fashion TECH


I did my thesis on this woman! She is amazing. Iris is a clothing designer based out of Germany who creates pieces that she printed...PRINTED! She uses 3d printing to create these amazing couture pieces.  I believe that this form of technology will continue to change the way we purchase and make things. I am sure that 3d printing will lead the next industrial revolution.

Art Philanthropy - Laundromat Project

Art + Artists + Community = People-Powered Art

This project is especially good to me. I believe that art should be interactive. And what better way than to have people in the community come together and create things that will better their communities. This Laundromat project is based in New York City.  Their mission is to:


The Laundromat Project is a community-based non-profit arts organization committed to the well-being of people of color living on low incomes. Understanding that creativity is a central component of healthy human beings, vibrant neighborhoods, and thriving economies, we bring art programs to where our neighbors already are: the local laundromat. In this way, we aim to raise the quality of life in New York City for people whose incomes do not guarantee broad access to mainstream arts and cultural facilities.
Their long term goals are to create an art facility next to the coin operated laundromat and to continue to deepen their connection to the communities they plan to help. They also sell art of credited artists like Dred Scott to fund their vision. 



SO these images are from the Bodies exhibition. It was here not too long ago in Atlantic Station. As the name of the exhibition suggests, these are indeed actual human bodies. Although I never went because I was kinda creeped out by that do you feel that this is considered art or is inhumane to display bodies in this manner? 

Kaleidoscope in a New Way

Suzanne Drummen, is a very unique artists. She take process and instillation art to a new level. In the end it is more than just the process, she comes out with an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful piece. Her work is very site specific as she lays of thousands, if not close to a million small reflective colorful pieces to create a Kaleidoscope on the floor. These large scale exhibits are amazing, not just because they are beautiful, but none of the metals, mirrors, crystals or glass are attached to the floor. Amazing. I get an anxiety attack just thinking about the patience and skill it would to complete just one circle let alone the hundreds that complete the exhibit.

Noe Two - Graffiti art

After our discussion in class about graffiti and street art I started to research some other graffiti artist and came across Noe Two aka Noah Two born in 1974. He is a french street artist; well know and respected. I love his vivid use of color , lines and curves that gives his art work life. I wouldn't mind having one of his pieces to hang on my wall.  watch Noe Two create something

FLUX - Castleberry Hill

So I love my neighborhood. We have so many different art exhibits, including the Art Stroll and my favorite event FLUX. It comes around every year with artists from around the world. This year there will be a feature artist and the exhibit is called "Voicebox." In this exhibition, there is a warm glowing box that invites you in to listen to the recordings of random people on the streets of Atlanta. The boxes will showcase people singing and create a "sound map" of the Atlanta area. The whole idea of this is to explore isolation verses connectivity in public spaces...It is also SO COOL! I would totally sing at random if someone asked.


Death Threats for a Mural

In this article, artist Huong does a portrait called "We Are All Trayvon Martin"   , stands by her work and wont take it down. She says that this is an opportunity for her to comment on the injustice and what racism is in America. She is making a statement about the status of our country with the recent death of an unarmed teenager. She has received death threats and yet she stands by her work. If we are going by Justice's definition this is how you know that she is a real artist because she is surely creating controversy. The artist replaces Travon Martin's face with a mirror. This interactive mural is similar to Kara Walkers work in that it gets the audience involved. This is what is probably most upsetting to people. However, I think it makes total sense considering that Trayvon Martin is representative of all of us because he was simply walking home from the store. The commonness of violence in America is alarming, especially gun violence. So I think the artist's point is that we must examine ourselves, our laws and the status of racism in America so that we can rid ourselves of this societal blunder.


            I visited the High Museum of Art Atlanta for the first time since I moved here thirteen years ago. The Rashid Johnson: Message to Our Folks exhibition was moving. Johnson had a couple of captivating pieces. Self Portrait Laying on Jack Johnson’s Grave, spoke volumes to me. “Black” Jack Johnson (the first African American to hold the heavyweight boxing championship in the world) has a story that should be told to the masses. Many will look up the information on this important figure in African American history based on this portrait alone. They would want to know why Jack Johnson’s grave was chosen when there were so many others to choose from.

            The Negro Escapist Social and Athletic Club (Thurgood) is another piece that I immediately fell in love with. Johnson’s material was said to have been pulled from his childhood and broad connections growing up in Chicago in the 1970’s and 1980's. I think the Thurgood portrait may symbolize some of the important male figures Johnson grew up around in his family and community. The male in this portrait reminds you of the strong, powerful but silent male figure that is revered among his peers. The presence of Thurgood commands respect and attention without saying a word. He is not cocky, just self confident. Johnson’s pieces have truly inspired me. I had the pleasure of bringing a friend along so they too could experience the beauty of his work. Moving forward I want to make a conscious effort to visit the museum more often.



Design and Architecture

I was looking on line and saw the most innovative pieces of furniture ever.  These pieces are from various architects that work on exterior and interior designs, but they are now creating modern and eclectic outdoor pieces for the streets. SungWoo Park are the designers of the Rolling bench. The second piece, Sliding Bench, was designed by Mutlu Kilincer. The bench that looks like it is unraveling is by Pablo Reinoso – and it is called Spaghetti Wall. The final piece is called Urban Adapter by the Rocker Lange Architects.  I sure wish these pieces were here in Atlanta. 

High Field Trip

The High was awesome. It was my first time there despite me living downtown. I snuck by and saw Girl with a Pearl Earring as well. Not my type of art but it definitely had some depth. Rashid Johnson's exhibit was interesting. My understanding of this artist is that he is supposed to be a post black/ non black artist but yet he is constantly commenting on the black experience. Often, his works are even titled in references the black culture specifically. I don't think that there is anything wrong with it, just surprised that this is the case. I like that he is not pigeon holed by begin in a certain movement. His use of different art mediums and styles are great. I wonder if this poses a problem within itself though? His use of instillations, his photography, he even taps in a bit with architecture in "Shelf" piece. It shows that he has depth as an artist although I am still torn and wonder if he has a "direction" for a lack of a better term. Would I be able to walk into a space and readily identify his works, like a Banksy or a Warhol. With the exception of his self portrait probably not.  Overall, I thought his work did have effort, thought, and depth and I did enjoy the exhibit.



uLiveandYouBurn is a North Carolina based street artist who creates monsters with traffic cones, urban elements and trash cans to make them into art. He is says he is always been a creative person but he is really not fond of rules, so every opportunity he has to break them, he will try to do so. He wants to always push the boundaries when it comes to acceptable art. 


Weiwei – Bicycles Forever!

This is a piece from the Bicycles Forever installation by Ai Weiwei . It was created by joining and stacking 1,200 half bikes (frame, fork and wheels) to give the appearance of a moving abstract shape.  This piece was once called the Kingdom of Bikes because it was in some ways Weiwei’s interpretation of the Chinese society. This installation was installed at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.  I am so intrigued by Weiwei. I have never heard of him or his works until we discussed him in class.  I was so drawn to his story and his art. He is one of my new favorite artists.