Thursday, August 29, 2013

Death Threats for a Mural

In this article, artist Huong does a portrait called "We Are All Trayvon Martin"   , stands by her work and wont take it down. She says that this is an opportunity for her to comment on the injustice and what racism is in America. She is making a statement about the status of our country with the recent death of an unarmed teenager. She has received death threats and yet she stands by her work. If we are going by Justice's definition this is how you know that she is a real artist because she is surely creating controversy. The artist replaces Travon Martin's face with a mirror. This interactive mural is similar to Kara Walkers work in that it gets the audience involved. This is what is probably most upsetting to people. However, I think it makes total sense considering that Trayvon Martin is representative of all of us because he was simply walking home from the store. The commonness of violence in America is alarming, especially gun violence. So I think the artist's point is that we must examine ourselves, our laws and the status of racism in America so that we can rid ourselves of this societal blunder.

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  1. I think it is sd that as American we have the freedom of speech but someone comes along and that it as far as murder to silence others.Although I do not agree with the KKK as Americans they I the right to express themselves. I am proud that the artist vow to complete this work of art no matter what. I look forward to the day when rascim is eraced from this world. I have always felt that by doing this, it will have to start with the art.