Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Rashid Johnson’s Message to Our Folks art exhibit at the High Museum was an in-depth experience of his art work throughout his career. A few of his pieces reminded me of furniture that I grew up with. His mirrored piece with shelved objects reminded me of a wall unit that my parents once owned. I was also impressed with how each piece in his exhibit displayed a constant theme and gave a window to his childhood. While I feel he creates works that speak to his personal experience and past, I connected with many of the images I saw as well as the material that he used. For example his use of black soap and Shea Butter gave me a retro feeling of products used in my family during the late eighties and early nineties.  Some of my favorite pieces included his works with photography. I admired the way the New Negro Escapist and Athletic Club was placed and enjoyed viewing Black Yoga. There are a few pieces that I would have loved to learn more about, but overall the field trip was insightful and enjoyable.

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