Thursday, August 29, 2013

Message To Our Folks...Keep Talking Rashid.

I was thoroughly impressed with Rashid Johnson's exhibition at the High Museum, "Message To Our Folks". Having only heard a little about him before the visit, I was pleased that we got the opportunity to explore his works with the assistance of a live guide. The explanations and insight she provided about Johnson as an artist as well as the context of each of the works gave me a stronger appreciation for the entire exhibition.

Of the works shown at the museum, my favorite pieces are "Rumble", "Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos" and most notably, "New Negro Escapist and Athletic Club". The creativity that fueled the development of each of the pieces illustrated just how thoughtful and deliberate of an artist Johnson is. His tribute to life growing up by using everyday household items typically found around the home is a clever way of establishing a signature modus operandi. As a member of a Greek-lettered organization myself, I can also empathize with his fascination of secret societies and I believe he executed the fictional hall of members' photos very effectively. Each of these pieces are best experienced in person as they each took advantage of the viewers' proximity to give the work an enhanced perspective; especially "Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos". It made for an excellent structure to begin the tour.

Overall, I was impressed by the story of how Johnson evolved into the artist he has become today. I look forward to following his career as it continues to take shape and gain even more steam.

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  1. Reggie, when I did my visit I didn't have a guide. I can see the similarities and differences in our view points. Although I had a deep connect with some of his pieces, it seems as though you were able to have a deeper connection partly because the guide was able to give you guys a more in depth look at the life of Johnson and the inspiration for each of his pieces. That's cool.