Monday, August 5, 2013

Field Trip Review: Rashid Johnson Exhibition

I always love going to the High Museum. Each experience is unique and the Rashid Johnson exhibition was nothing short of that. It was my first time viewing his work as an artist and I felt I was thrown back into the 1970’s with a 80’s twist. Strong, yet edgy and very informative was the feeling I had going through the exhibit. My favorite artwork work that I connected with was the made up fraternity, where he created what he thought would be the ideal fraternity with men whom he felt would represent the African-American race. Because of media and history, that really meant a lot to me, because there are so many sides of black male culture.  Since I am in a very diverse African-American fraternity, it made my visit  to the High Museum even better to know that I am apart of something that Rashid Johnson dreamed up and presented as art.

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  1. It was also my first time viewing Johnsons work. Many student found his work to be interresting. Me? I find Johnson work to be ok, but nothing really stood out for me that made me feel like he is an outstanding artist. At the sametime, I will continue to follow his work. Johnsons work is good enough for me to continue to follow him as an artist. During our tour of the exhibit not only me, but a few other students actually saw work from other artist that caught our attention more than Johnson work did.