Saturday, August 24, 2013

Todd Mcfalane

My next blog I will focus on Todd Mcfarlane, he is a toy designer, cartoonist, artist, writer and entrepreneur. He is famously known as an artist for Marvel comic back in 1990’s. He worked on Spiderman as an artist and later as an artist and writer, McFarlane's work on Amazing Spider-Man made him an industry superstar. He would later leave Marvel comics to start his own company called Image Comics. Image Comics first book and lead character to be published was Spawn, Spawn was also created by Todd Mcfarlane.  Spawn became a motion Hollywood movie, and the character is admired by many would wide.  Attached is a five minute video of Todd Mcfarlane conducting inking on a comic book, this is an example why he is one of my favorite artist of all time.


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