Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Untouchables by Eric Ravelo

I was speechless when I saw the photography series called "The Untouchables or Los Intocables by Erik Ravelo . 
Eric Ravelo is an Cuban art director working with Fabrica - a visual communication research center. 
His "The Untouchables" touches on many sensitive issues involve child abuse. It is so amazing how Mc Donald and child obesity is pictured side by side to children/organ trafficking and Children/sex trafficking. Although the message is absolutely loud and clear but in case anyone has doubt about their interpretation please check out "Art News Blog". It certainly did a wonderful job of explaining some of them.
Check out another example of his pro-social works : "UNHATE DOVE".

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  1. This photograph speaks volumes. I would have to say I was really shocked about the childhood obesity portion. It is a subject that is discussed, but at the same time, not really put in your face as blunt as this. I love it. I think it would make a lot of fast food places continue to provide healthy alternatives to their menu and switch out bad ingredients for better ones. All of these are serious subjects with challenges that must me faced head on. Very cool.