Thursday, August 22, 2013

Visiting an art museum was first time in US where I had a really nice experience with my class where we have seen the works by Rashid Johnson. The first thing which I observed in his all of the art works is about the cross wire the one which is at entrance and also in his lot of works there was a black soap and Mirrored tile, wax, books in it and the Shea butter, a plant which describes about the life  and of course radio. On the other side there are lot of photographs by seeing them I thought why doesn't he continued his life as a photographer where his photographs are really cool with the composition of light and the kind of subjects he choose and there are some photographs of the ladies which are 3 ladies in one photograph I wondered whether they are sketches or photographs but when I saw the description it was a photograph but how did he composed with 2 ladies in one photograph thought that he might have used software for the composition. But overall it was a good experience for me and also a bit surprised by seeing the kind of the art works in the museum. 

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  1. Hi Vijay,
    I am glad you enjoyed the class field trip, I also enjoyed it as well. I feel that the artist Rashid Johnson captured the African American experience in his work and it is great to see people from othe cultures learn this. I really liked his work of art that looked as if it were a print. It has the black and white image of the men combined together. I believe it was called The New Negro Escapist Social and Athletic Club.