Friday, August 2, 2013

Field Trip: Thoughts

I did not know what to think of seeing an exhibit other than the Baroque Dutch art exhibit at the High. At the time, that was all I could focus on. My mind was blocking everything but my desire to see one quiet sitter and her glittering earring. So hearing that we were not destined to view those paintings, I entered the High with a heavy heart, and heavy dragging feet. I regret being so surly, because the moment I saw Rashid Johnson’s smoky photography, I was in love with his exhibit. His pieces have an almost movie-set like quality to them (especially his secret society series), creating a story, a narrative including cast that stirred my imagination. Each detail, whether it a radio, or a saucer of shea butter, was made with care. “Amy”,  I thought to myself, “contemporary art isn’t all that different. It has just as much story as a Rembrandt historical painting of a scene from the old testament.” 

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