Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Brush with Life

This a video about the modern contemporary artist from India who is a Painter, Sculptor, and Writer. This video shows about the different works of him and the struggles he faced from his childhood. 

A Brush with Life looks at the life and works of Satish Gujral - a man of many calling. Battling physical injuries and a hearing and speech impediment, Gujral has carved out a singular space for himself in the artistic realm, and even otherwise. The multiplicity of themes, textures and medium in his prolific works highlight his ingenuity as an artist. Gujral's artistic oeuvre bears testimony to a life of social and cultural preoccupations. From his strong evocative paintings of the Partition era to the colorful hues of his sports series, each of his works finds a thematic correlative in the history of the Indian nation-state. The film explores the literary, cultural, political and personal influences on his life and works. It is a celebration of an artist of unparalleled talent and man of immense fortitude.

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