Monday, August 5, 2013

I am an attorney, my artwork is merely a hobby.

The artwork attached is by Samuel Silva, a 29-year-old attorney based in Portugal. The crazy thing about his guy is he does not consider himself an artist.  He is says drawing is merely a hobby of his he is trying to master in addition to sculpting and painting. They have all been his interests as a child . Creating these pieces takes between 5-50 hours each to complete. Like Juan Francisco Casas, Silva uses only Bic ballpoint pens to create each piece. He uses up to 8 different colored pens for each piece, where as Casas only uses the blue ballpoint pen.  Silva possesses an amazing talent.  A lot of people criticize his work, stating that it is not art and he is not a real artist. However, none can deny he possesses an amazing talent.

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  1. I have definitely seen his works before on the Internet. He does seem to have an amazing drafting skill. I think people rejects to call themselves artists for many reasons. While today's art world concentrates on concepts, many drawing and craft lovers do not draw or sculpt to convey meanings. Even though, people always ask intentions behind works, which is a burden. I think some people prefer not to be called artist so they can make art purely for joy.