Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yarn bombing

Although I'm not sure who is responsible for this I find this simply darling. Yarn bombing or yarn graffiti is a different take on street art. It even makes something as deadly as a tank look soft. And the trees just scream come play with me. First traces of yarn bombing emerged in 2004 in the netherlands; and about a year later came to America. Texan knitter would use their leftover pieces and combine them to make these giant cozies.


  1. cool! I could never finish a scarf let alone a tank! cool!

  2. Iam really feeling this as well. I like the tank work of art best because the artist has taken something that was created to cause death and destruction and made it into something beautiful. I don't think I'd ride in it (it's not a mans ride) but I still find it beautiful!