Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gasping for change

Gasping for a change 5ft x 6ft acrylic on canvas, 2010. By the Artist Carlos Loso F
Perez. He was a current  graduate Sequential arts student from SCAD. This painting was about the American Identity.
By seeing this painting i remembered the first discussion in the class about the different portrayals of American flag.
But i want to know the different aspects of perception of this painting, what do you say about it ?

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  1. When I saw Perez painting,Gasping for a change, I liked it right away. I like how Perez used one point prespective in his work. The red line of the American flag appear to flow in one direction with the black shadow hands taking over the painting. The messeage of the painting can be seen clearly, the hands are grasping for the American flag. As American we have the freedom to shape our own goals. In this painting the goal is to make change.