Thursday, August 29, 2013

High Field Trip

The High was awesome. It was my first time there despite me living downtown. I snuck by and saw Girl with a Pearl Earring as well. Not my type of art but it definitely had some depth. Rashid Johnson's exhibit was interesting. My understanding of this artist is that he is supposed to be a post black/ non black artist but yet he is constantly commenting on the black experience. Often, his works are even titled in references the black culture specifically. I don't think that there is anything wrong with it, just surprised that this is the case. I like that he is not pigeon holed by begin in a certain movement. His use of different art mediums and styles are great. I wonder if this poses a problem within itself though? His use of instillations, his photography, he even taps in a bit with architecture in "Shelf" piece. It shows that he has depth as an artist although I am still torn and wonder if he has a "direction" for a lack of a better term. Would I be able to walk into a space and readily identify his works, like a Banksy or a Warhol. With the exception of his self portrait probably not.  Overall, I thought his work did have effort, thought, and depth and I did enjoy the exhibit.


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