Monday, August 12, 2013

Dwayne McDuffie: Milestone Comics

Dwayne Glenn McDuffie was a writer of comic books and television series. He was best known for known for creating the animated television series Static Shock and from there he went to produce the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Ben 10. What stands out the most about McDuffie was the fact that he helped start the minority-owned-and-operated comic-book company Milestone comics and it would later become milestone Media. McDuffie started out as a writer for Marvel comics. His first major work was a miniseries called Damage Control, he would later become an editor at Marvel and a freelancer in 1990. McDuffie wanted to display a multicultural list of characters in the Marvel Universe but was unsuccessful , this lead to the creation of Mileston comics. The development of Milestone comics introduced characters of African-American desent such as Static, Icon, and Hardware Milestone also introduced Asian-American characters such as Xombi, and the multi-ethnic superhero group the Blood Syndicate. Milestone created many great ethnic characters but my favorite was Icon. Icon was an alien that crash land on Earth back in 1839. Icon whose alien name is Arnus l ife-pod crashed in the middle of a cotton field in the American South. His ship on board computer changes his appearance to that of the life-form he first make contact with, by doing this Arnus can appear and look normal as the inhabitants of the planet. Arnus make contact with a slave woman named Miriam, who saw the pod crash land. The Ship change s Arnus into an African American baby and Miriam would raise Arnus as her own child. This comic book is one of my favorite of all time. Icon would later take on the likes of Superman and many more super heroes. During a fight with Superman Icon hit superman so hard, Superman states that he’s never been hit that hard before.


  1. I remember doing a little research on the comicbook artist and was very inspired by his work. If I'm correct his company eventually merged with DC Comics and Icon is now a member of the Justice League! In fact I recall seeing the character on the animated series Young Justice! This also hits a personal note with me as I feel that the comicbook industry is still not diverse enough when it comes to characters in leading roles. Thanks for posting Torrnce:-)

  2. Milestone start as a branch of D.C comics and although Milestone was a branch of DC comics Milestone own 100% of their characters.The MIlestone characters exsited in their own universe, this means theycould not appear in the same story lines as the DC characters. This type of deal was never heard of at the time. Later, Milestone did merage with DC comics and the MIlestone character now exist withe the DC characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder woman.