Thursday, August 29, 2013

FLUX - Castleberry Hill

So I love my neighborhood. We have so many different art exhibits, including the Art Stroll and my favorite event FLUX. It comes around every year with artists from around the world. This year there will be a feature artist and the exhibit is called "Voicebox." In this exhibition, there is a warm glowing box that invites you in to listen to the recordings of random people on the streets of Atlanta. The boxes will showcase people singing and create a "sound map" of the Atlanta area. The whole idea of this is to explore isolation verses connectivity in public spaces...It is also SO COOL! I would totally sing at random if someone asked.



  1. I have always felt that neighborhoods around the country should have art shows but these shows would be of art that would be displayed in the neighborhood. This should happen along with cleaning the neighborhoods. Picture it, new art and a clean envoriment. This would give the people back the power over their communitiesand this could also bring the community closer.