Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glass Beach

I saw an interesting post on Facebook about a glass beach in California and had to research it. Apparently there use to be a public dump in northern California where people use to discard all of their garbage off a cliff into the ocean. The government attempted to reduce the compiling amount of waste by setting fire to it. Unfortunately this didn't completely eliminate the problem so the state of California closed off the site to the public in 1967. Over several decades the water washed away a lot of the remaining refuse while cleaning and smoothing the small amounts of glass and ceramics. Noticing this change the private owner of the property decided to open it to the public. So with the help of several government agencies the site was converted to a beach. Learning about this project made me think of Environmental Works, the concept that time and the elements influence the art.

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  1. This is also experiment with the fact that the Earth can heal itself from the destruction caused by man. This healing process may not happen over night or within a few weeks but it can happen. Again, I have always felt that the problem man face and even the detruction the Earth endure can all be healed with the help of art.